Warranty Details

Warranty Details (from installation date);

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Workmanship: 2 years.

Rheem 135l, common sizing (Low-pressure H.W.C):
Parts 1 yr. Labour 1 yr. Tank 5 yrs.

Rheem 180l Mains pressure H.W.C, Standard – model 31218015:
Parts 1 yr. Labour 5 yrs. Tank 10yrs.

Therman indoor/outdoor 80l H.W.C – model 9507966:
Parts 1 yr. Labour 1 yr. Tank 10yrs

Cylinder Upgrade Options:

Rinnai 180l enamel indoor/outdoor HWC – model ME180488E30:
Parts 1 yr. Labour 5yrs. Tank 7yrs
+$80+ gst.

Rheem 180l stainless steel indoor/outdoor – model 32518005:
Parts 1 yr. Labour 3yrs. Tank 7yrs

Rinnai (Instant gas unit) – model A26:
Parts 3 yrs. Labour 3 yrs. Heat Exchanger 10 yrs.

Note: The labour warranty is how long the manufacture will cover the cost of replacing the product after this time the cost of replacement is on the consumer.