Plumber West Auckland

Plumber West Auckland

Terms and Conditions

We are the right choice because:

Allpoints Plumbing with its 5 Star customer reviews also has a range of easy to understand water heating options and specials to suit most standard situations. No matter what you are considering, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to help you navigate your options to help you get the best results.

  • There are no hidden costs or cutting corners (you can see our very happy customers’ feedback on No Cowboys, Google, or our Testimonials page).
  • To ensure full compliance and understanding an on-site visit will be completed before any cylinder mains pressure upgrade/gas upgrade work starts.
  • The cost will be fixed via an emailed quote after clear communication with you after the site visit.
  • Our cylinder and gas bottle slabs are installed with concrete below for support (these support a lot of weight and need to be installed well to help prevent sinking, most others just lay a pre-made slab on the ground).
  • We are trade qualified to complete some electrical work required (you will be advised at the site visit or in the quote before works start if an electrician is needed due to additional works required, we may not be able to quote this but can provide an estimate).

Paul McCallum (Certifying Plumber/Gasfitter 25+ years)

Water Heating Specials Conditions:

Some of these below cost indications may be required for your specific installation and therefore will be included in the quote provided after the site visit.


  • All prices are for West Auckland installs only; additional travel charges may apply outside West Auckland.
  • The cupboard door or opening must be big enough to remove the existing cylinder and fit the new one or an additional charge may apply.
  • Supply and installation of a safe tray. +$250+gst if possible to run drain from cylinder position.
  • Repair / Replacement of any tapware/piping due to Hot Water pressure increase (additional charge may apply).

Any electrical work required (Cost indications):

  • Standard re wire-no material. $100+g.s.t.
  • Upgrade of the switch and wiring loom for H.W.C. $220+g.s.t.
  • Wiring new external H.W.C, rewiring existing H.W.C or power supply for an instant gas unit. $400-$600+g.s.t

Low-Pressure Cylinder Installations

  • Supply or installation of a new reducing valve if required. +$200+g.s.t
  • Supply and installation of new relief valve if required. +$120+g.s.t
  • Change to tall narrow low pressure H.W.C. Model 18T13513. +$150+g.s.t

Mains Pressure Cylinder Installations

  • Change to Rheem Squat / short 180l H.W.C model 32218015. +$100+g.s.t


  • Altering or changing any existing non-compliant work or positioning (additional charge may apply).

Paul McCallum (Certifying Plumber/Gasfitter 25+years)